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New deFUNKit Laundry Product Keeps Odors Out of Sportswear

14th November, 2015

Eugene, Ore. - November 11, 2015 -- A new odor-control laundry product called deFUNKit solves the problem of persistent athletic stink by permanently blocking tough smells from entering natural and synthetic fabrics in sportswear and other clothing.

deFUNKit, a fabric care treatment that eliminates and prevents odor in textiles, removes the buildup of soap scum and body oils that cause athletic stink and then creates a durable fabric shield that prevents odor from returning. As a result, clothing like athletic outfits can be worn up for a week straight and still smell fresh.

deFUNKit uses a propriety molecular linking process, developed by Dune Sciences, a University of Oregon spin out company, to bond natural deodorizers like baking soda to clothing fibers at the molecular level.

Each deFUNKit kit consists of a super detergent pre-wash treatment that removes tough odors and a permanent odor-control solution that blocks future smells from returning. The pre-wash treatment goes directly into the washing machine as a laundry additive, while the odor-control solution requires a quick two-step hand wash.

“Standard laundry detergent isn’t enough to keep your clothes from smelling bad,” said Richard Geiger, CEO of Dune Sciences. “That’s because your basic detergent only gets clothes about 80 percent clean. Wearing partially dirty clothes creates an endless cycle where odor becomes part of the fabric of your clothing. deFUNKit changes that.”

deFUNKit also keeps clothes smelling fresh while being worn, eliminating the uncomfortable sweaty smell for athletes. Clothes can also be washed less frequently, saving time, money and water. The odor-control solution is permanent for fabrics that aren’t washed frequently, though the solution may need to be reapplied after 20 washings.

“We’re proud of our product and excited to share it with athletes, parents and anyone who hates washing clothes frequently,” said Geiger. “Heading into 2016, our company’s focus is to continue to increase sales by partnering with additional distributors and getting the word out about our great product.”

Currently, deFUNKit is available on and through select retailers in Oregon. It will be available on Amazon by the end of the month and distributed in bike, running and outdoor stores nationally by the end of the year.

About deFUNKit
deFUNKit is made in the USA by Goldclad,LLC, a subsidiary of Dune Sciences, Inc. deFUNKit is a permanent odor control solution for natural and synthetic fabrics. The formula was designed with athletes in mind, but parents, travelers and anyone who hates doing laundry can use to keep clothes fresher for longer. deFUNKit is available to purchase on its website and through independent retailers in Oregon.

About Dune Sciences
Dune Sciences is a product development company, spun out of the University of Oregon in 2007. Dune’s scientists use the principles of green chemistry and surface engineering to develop nanomaterials that are safer and more efficient than conventionally developed bulk materials. Dune’s technology has been applied to products ranging from electron microscopy grids to antimicrobial coatings for medical textiles.

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