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Bay-Bay Water LLC

Bay-Bay Water LLC produces purified distilled water for babies that parents can safely use for baby formula and cereals. As it does not contain phosphate and fluoride, you donít have to worry about your baby ingesting an unhealthy amount of minerals. We have a thorough water purification process that involves softening the water and then removing microscopic impurities from it with a 1-micron water filter. We then distill the filtered water by boiling it into vapor and condensing it back into liquid form in the distiller. Afterward, we store it in temperature-controlled silos. You should know that we are diligent about our mandatory quality control checks during the entire water purification process. We inspect our water filters daily and schedule regular changes. Additionally, we check the ozone levels on an hourly basis. We package our purified distilled water in the single service bottles. We use these bottles only after we have inspected them and ensure that they are not contaminated. Before filling them, we place them in an enclosed chamber to sanitize them with an ozone rinse. We then pass the purified distilled water through a UV filter, fill the bottles, and cap them immediately. It ensures that the bottles are sealed, and the water inside will remain free of contamination as they move to the next stage of the production process. You can buy our purified distilled water from Amazon in 12 and 24 packs of 16.9 ounces bottles. These are single-serve, BPA-free bottles that are convenient to carry around. We offer free express shipping and hassle-free returns.

Description: Purified, Distilled Bottled Water for Babies | USA | Bay Bay Water
  Buy distilled water for babies which is recommended by doctors. Our purified water for babies consists of nothing but clean, safe drinking water.
Category: Beverages\Water
  Purified Water For Babies - Best Bottled Water For Babies - Fluoride Free Water For Babies - Distilled Water For Baby Formula

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