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Natural Salt Lamps Offer Radiant and Healthy Light

26th May, 2005

The beautiful crystalline structure of ancient salt deposits is a
result of their constituent minerals drying under intense pressure, not unlike diamonds. But salt crystals are far more colorful, ranging from light shades of pink, yellow, and orange, to the more intense hues of dark red, deep blues and lavenders.

These radiant yet warm colors are intensified when used to filter
light, such as in salt lamps. These natural products are becoming increasingly popular as people discover how they produce a much more pleasant and soothing healthy light than the neon and tungsten bulbs that fill the modern world with harsh light.

Even feng shui experts often incorporate salt crystal lamps into the
design of optimal living and working environments. Fortunately, any home or office can benefit from the pleasant and relaxing light given off by salt lamps, which make wonderful nightlights and gifts for people of all ages. They are valued in spas, massage sessions, yoga classes, and other places where people seek to unwind or meditate.

Natural Salt Lamps ( is the best
Source for ordering salt crystal products conveniently online, and the only source for salt crystal lamps from around the world. They offer lamps, candle holders, all-natural skin care products, and holistic edible and bath salts-- at terrific prices, and every customer's complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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