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Cash4Gold Applauds News of World's Largest Gold Bar Recently Poured in Japan

21st February, 2010

Cash4Gold, the trusted industry leader in mail-in gold buying, follows news related to the precious metals industry and noticed an interesting item this week. According to a web report, a company in Japan has poured the "world's largest gold bar."

This gold bar, reportedly the biggest on the planet, measures 17.9 inches by 8.9 inches by 6.7 inches high and weighs about 551.15 pounds. Its size might best be compared to a shoe box. Based on the dimensions of the gold bar, the story reports that the huge gold bar would have an estimated precious metals melt value of nearly $10,000,000. Melt value refers to the value of actual precious metals included in an item and does not account for the historical or sentimental value of a crafted piece of jewelry.

While it has never received an item as large as the Japanese gold bar, Cash4Gold receives items each day at its high-security, state-of-the-art processing and melting facility in South Florida.

Cash4Gold has grown each year since launching in April 2007, and currently employs over 300 people. The company expanded significantly after running a commercial during the Super Bowl in 2009 featuring three-time Grammy Award-winner MC Hammer and the late television legend Ed McMahon.

About Cash4Gold

Cash4Gold is the world's #1 buyer of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum from the general public. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have received millions of dollars from Cash4Gold since inception.

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