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Superior Recreational Products Releases New Rock-Like Boulder Playground Climbers

25th October, 2016

Carrollton, GA - October 24, 2016 -- Superior Recreational Products, a leading manufacturer of recreational products, today announced the release of new rock-like boulder climbers as freestanding independent events for their Playgrounds product line.

These new boulders, that look and feel like real rocks, were added to the Playgrounds product line to allow children the opportunity to explore their physical and cognitive capabilities, as well as help them enhance the natural elements around them.

“With the addition of boulder climbing events, SRP is inviting you into a space that is both natural and challenging. Children will enjoy the realistic feel and facilities will appreciate with the ease of installation,” said Charles Jackson, Manager of Design Services at Superior Recreational Products.

Available in slate gray color, these nature-inspired climbers have organic pigments throughout their composite polymer surface that ensure the boulder will never need to be touched up if scratched or chipped. Our new boulders are extremely easy to move and relocate starting at 150 pounds up to 1,000 pounds, 5 times lighter than competitors’ products. Our new climbing boulders will make a great addition to any commercial playground environment.

“The goal of these play boulders was to create a product that has the same durability of concrete, while possessing a natural look and offering an easier install due to its light weight. SRP has helped create a new standard in the play industry with this release. It is our goal for these boulders to be: easy to install, little maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing,” said Jonathan Hardesty, Vice President of Sales.

Meeting the need for more realistic playground environments and physically challenging equipment for children of all ages, we can’t wait to see the exciting ways our customers use these new boulders. The boulders are available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large.

About Superior Recreational Products
Superior Recreational Products (SRP) has spent nearly three decades developing and acquiring product lines that help you play, relax, and live. We design and manufacture outdoor steel, recycled and themed playgrounds, indoor playgrounds, shelter and shade structures, and commercial site furnishings.

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