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Instrument Cluster Store

Instrument Cluster Store provides the most reliable speedometer calibration and mileage correction services, to ensure that your gauge is working properly and that the figures on your dashboard are accurate.

We provide full cloning services for vehicles that hold the immobilizer inside the cluster. Cloning involves transferring the immobilizer data from you old cluster to your replacement cluster.

We sell motorcycle clusters and can do mileage corrections on them as well.

Description: Instrument Cluster Store | Instrument Cluster Replacement & Repair
  We carry over 100,000 used gauge clusters, so you're sure to find what you need. Shop our cluster selection and discover our repair and cloning services today!
Category: Parts and Accessories\Electrical
  Instrument Clusters - Gauge Cluster - Speedometer Parts - Mileage Correction - Chevy Instrument Cluster - Speedometer Cluster - Replacement Instrument Clusters - Instrument Cluster Cloning Service - Instrument Cluster Warranty

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